BarFrog – Master Your Night!!


Enjoy your Night, Let us handle the tab.”

  • Check into the bar
  • Order your favorite drink
  • View your tab, live in real-time
  • Leave on your own time, SIMPLE


Got to Go?
PAY your bill either manually or just by walking out of the bar!
On The Move. Want to Meet Up?
FIND the bars near your location and tell your friends where you’re going!

Leave Your Plastic at Home

Using our secure payment platform you will never have the need to swipe your credit card at the bar.

Safe Way To Pay

We have partnered with a world leader in e-payments to ensure that BarFrog is reliable, safe, and easy-to-use.

Feature Rich. No bloat.

Find A Bar

Hail an Uber or Lyft directly from the app or get walking directions

Automatic Check In

When you enter the bar (Simply walk in to your favorite bar)

Open a Tab

Once you’re checked in, Click the Start a Tab button and you’re ready to go.

Order A Drink

Place an order how you normally would, and just give your bartender your last name and you’re good to go.

View Live Tab

During your time at the bar, pull up BF to view your live bar tab.

Close Out

Walk out of the bar for automatic close out or hit the close the tab button and don’t forget to leave a tip!

The Team

Anthony Milici

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony is a New York native and a graduate from the College of Charleston’s Hospitality program. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he thrives in start-up development specifically in hospitality technology. Anthony is extremely experienced in the hospitality field, with a knowledge base ranging from restaurant kitchen service to beverage management, and fine wine service. His experience has stemmed from working nearly every job you can in a restaurant from bus boy to chef.

Max Dyke

Chief Operating Officer

While developing BarFrog, Max studied Business Analytics and Marketing at the Smith School of Business at University of Maryland. He is a dedicated entrepreneur and interested in new ideas that drive us forward. Max has 9 years of experience in the F&B/ hospitality industry. Working at upscale restaurants, bars and a seafood retail and wholesaler, he has developed an intimate understanding of the different levels of the service industry.

Kyle Pearson

Vice President of Business Development

Kyle started his professional career in New York City fine dining where he learned the value of service operation planning, and how a restaurant should work. He loves the startup hustle and has an entrepreneurial mindset for business.

Alex Bueno

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex studied Administrative Business and Marketing at CofC while immersing himself in the start up culture through several projects native to Charleston.  He knows that any venture requires optimism and ambition aimed high.  An outdoors man, entrepreneur, and connoisseur of fine nachos, he loves spontaneous action which is why he wants himself and everyone to master their night.

Coming Soon!