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BarFrog is a nightlife application that allows users to most effectively plan their night. The frequency map shows you what's happening at your local bars right now with real time information. Prepay cover charges, purchase drinks, and set personal spending limits to ensure a smooth night out.

  • BarTalk - unique social network feed
  • Plan your nights effectively
  • Prepay Your Cover Charge
  • Purchase Drinks Through the App
  • Real Time Local Bar Updates
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Master Your Night

See what's trending, and plan your night more effectively.

Buy Drinks on Your Phone

Order your drink through the app, and receive a push notification when the drink is ready. Outsmart the crowds!

Set a Personal Spending Limit

How much will you be spending tonight? put up a personal spending limit.

The Frequency Map

Bars around you, where the size of the bar's icon is based off of the amount of people in the bar.


Perpetual social media feed that allows users to post, share posts with friends, and allows you to stay up to date on local bar's specials and deals.

Share what you love

Share relevant bar specials with friends, tell them to avoid bars that are too packed, or too quiet for their liking

  • Amazing to have an app that makes my fun time much easier, I dont have to visit every single bar around to check their specials and waste time in long order lines!

    Tom Latham Business Man
  • Made me famous among my circle since i used Barfrog to track local bars, check their schedules, specials, and the best part, order straight from the app!

    Alex Fredy Student
  • I have always been keen to find a place where i can hangout with my friends in a more peaceful enviornment free of bore and boring people, i can decide all that now sitting in my room with Barfrog, what to drink and where to drink, easy as that!

    Sara Aliba Designer

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